Sunday, 30 June 2019

End of “No-Pay Leave” and back to blogging!

It has been a while since my last post. Decided that today is the end of my “no-pay leave” and a return back to blogging.

There were significant changes to my wife and my investment portfolio as we adjusted to market situations and prepare ourselves for future opportunities. While patiently waiting for our core investments to rise further, we did some short-term trading. Results have been promising thus far. We still made sure to stick closely to our investment principles, which are to only invest the amount that we can afford to lose, buy when our investment criteria are met, and buy stocks that are fundamentally under value. The idea is that even if Mr Market decides to crash tomorrow, there should be no impact to our life.

I attended the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course last year to gain basic foundation on real estate. This is our first step to starting our property investment journey in the coming years. We were considering to acquire industrial properties. But after our market research as well as weekends walking the ground, we assessed that there was high uncertainty in the industrial property market due to trade war and new digital economy. Thus, better to do more homework before rushing in.

Work-wise has been very intensive for both of us. For myself, I had 4 back-to-back long haul overseas travels, as well as juggling with several work responsibilities concurrently. Needless to say, many late-nights and weekends burnt. Our weekend JB family trips have been life-saving 😊

Looking forward to more sharing soon!