Friday, 19 July 2019

Enjoying our Gains with a Heart

Amidst the fast pace of living and demand for cash, our family saw the importance of taking time off to count our blessings. 

There are many things that we can be grateful about. This can be as plain as having a roof to stay in, having 3 full meals to eat, clothes to wear, harmonious family relationship with our families and siblings. These are some areas that we tend to take them for granted and only realise it on hind-sight.

My wife and I believed in giving back to society including quarterly blood donation, monthly cash donations, etc. We had considered volunteering but have yet to find a suitable cause and will keep looking for one. 

We had achieved some gains in our investments and work performance bonus . Hence decided to contribute some token to charity. We then spent some time to screen through the charity organisations before making our choice. Though our token is not that significant, we hoped that it could still benefit those who really needs it. May those who receive it be well and happy! 

Enjoying our gains with a heart 😊


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