Saturday, 20 July 2019

A Definition of Success by a Millennial Family

I came across several posts that discussed how millennial define success including today's report on Business Times:

This inspired me to think through my family's definition of success, and that is to achieve family financial freedom. 

Money is required for basic daily needs such as paying for our meals, as well as electrical, water, gas bills. To support these needs, we have to work very hard to earn our paycheck. Gradually work becomes a priority and later on, we regretted  not spending enough time with our family.

Financial freedom offers a choice to escape this rat race and allow us to focus on things that we believe should be our priorities. Many people might think that financial freedom requires a lot of money.

But... is it true that financial freedom equate to being wealthy? Need not be!

It simply means having constant cash inflow that can comfortably cover our expenditure. Hence if your monthly family expenditure is low, you would require lesser cash inflow to achieve financial freedom.

So how does our family plan to achieve this? Through 3 steps:

1st is to follow good family financial habits. Will elaborate more in our subsequent blog post.

2nd is to maintain family lifestyle spending even as salaries grew each year. This can also help mitigate some family financial risks. Again, will share more soon.

3rd is to generate more passive cash inflow through investment e.g stocks, fixed deposit, etc. There are many choices and considerations e.g. market outlook, inflation etc. So we should adopt an approach that best fit our investment needs, profile and goals. It is important to do the math and assess the length of time needed to realistically achieve your goals, level of investment risks versus its reward and your risk mitigation measures. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would be keen to find out what is your family's definition of success. Feel free to share!


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  1. In general, the definition of success in Singapore has always been the same, more or less. Achieving the 5Cs :)

  2. Personally I think 5Cs is a marterialisic way of expressing success. Will hope to achieve "happiness" as part of my success definition too 😁