Friday, 9 August 2019

Happy 54th Birthday Singapore!!


To live in Singapore is the greatest blessing for my family. There are many things for us to be appreciative of. We have a green and safe country as well as the ingredients for basic family needs such as clean water, 3 daily meals, a roof over our head, medical, etc.

We had the opportunity to stay in overseas over extended periods. The experiences are humbling and opened our eyes to the differences between cultures. Singapore remains the only country in our heart. 

Admittedly, there are areas to strive for improvements e.g. many bemoan the high cost of living and intense work conditions, elderlies working in unpleasant jobs despite their age, etc. We got to remind ourselves not to take our present success for granted. Stay humble, be willing to learn and strive to improve.

On this day, Family-Finance-Savvy wishes our country Happy Birthday. Sharing this year’s national day theme song:

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